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Semi-automatic safety equipment One-time forming aluminum alloy die casting machine

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Product Description

Product name: Semi-automatic safety equipment One-time forming aluminum alloy die casting machine

Custom processing: Yes
Item No.: 001
Category: Die Casting Machine
Model: 25T
Use: casting
Crystal wheel diameter; 2 (mm)
Cast slab section; 32 (mm2)
Annual output: 100 (million tons)
Motor power; 7.5 (kw)
Casting type: Die casting machine
Specification: 2750*1200*1700
Tonnage: 15t-88t (optional)

OEM Process

Products Machining Details:

CNC machining service

Metal plating

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Hardware passivation

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Hardware passivation

Metal Black


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Grinding machine processing

Polished and brushed

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Polished brushed

planing machine

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Packing & Delivery

Company Profie

Factory production workshop And Factory Equipment

Factory production workshopFactory production workshop

Our Exhibitions, events, corporate culture:

1) Various designs and colors are available

2) Good quality and competitives prices

3) Packing: 1pcs/ opp bag 10 pcs/ doz or according to customer designs

4) Sea express(20-35days),FedEx/TNT/DHL(3-7days) Federal Express.

5) T/T / Western Union / Visa / MasterCard / American Express



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